A minimum of one calendar months written notice is required when you wish to terminate your child’s place at this nursery when they attend full time ie. 50 weeks each year.

Children attending nursery school ie. 38 week during academic term time only, will be required to give one terms notice to avoid further charges. If this notice is not received the nursery school will charge a terms fees in lieu of notice.

Upon receipt of notification any monies held over and above that due to OSHN will be refunded to you, usually within 4 weeks of your child leaving the nursery.

We reserve the right to terminate a child’s place with immediate effect if a serious breach of these terms and conditions occurs, or if termination of place is considered by the owner to be in the best interests of the nursery and / or the continuing welfare of the other children at nursery. Examples of this may be parents using foul language or being abusive towards nursery staff or children attending the setting. Places may also be terminated if parents / carers continually collect their child later than their session finish time and / or payments are regularly missed or delayed.