Children should not attend nursery if they are suffering from sickness, diarrhoea, an infectious illness (such as conjunctivitis) or have any unspecific rashes (until diagnosed by a doctor).

They may return to nursery once 48 hrs have passed since last symptoms.

If a child becomes ill while at nursery, a parent or carer will be telephoned to tell them of their child’s illness and be asked to collect the child. If the parents are unavailable other authorised contacts will be called, if necessary the child’s GP will be called. In the event of an emergency, the child will be taken to the nearest hospital, accompanied by a senior member of staff, who will act “in loco parentis” until a parent / carer arrives. Removal to hospital is subject to permission being given on our registration form for emergency treatment to be sought.   Registration form will be taken with the child, together with any other relevant information held.

Medication is only given when prescribed by a GP or dentist. Parents will be telephoned before Calpol is given, however, if a child’s temperature becomes exceptionally high and a parent cannot be contacted, then Calpol will be administered – this will be done as a last resort and only after other methods of relieving the temperature have been attempted e.g. tepid sponging. Parents / carers will be contacted and asked to collect their child and take to their GP to be checked over.

**You must tell us if your child has had calpol or any other similar medication before attending nursery, to ensure that any further doses do not lead to overdose!   Double dosing will be the full responsibility of parents / carers if you neglect to inform us that your child has had medication prior to attending nursery.

It is considered that if a child needs calpol or any other non-prescription medication before they come to nursery, then they are not well enough to be at nursery as symptoms will return once dose has worn off and you will be asked to take your child home until they are well enough to attend without medication.

If a child has to receive regular, prescribed medication whilst attending The Old School House, full written details must be provided, and the medication provided in its original packaging / bottle, clearly marked with the child’s name and dosage instructions as prescribed by the provider of the medication.  Dosage instructions will be confirmed on one of our medicine forms: Parents/carers will then be required to sign the form when collecting their child to confirm acceptance that the medication has been administered.

Permission for a child to attend the nursery on medication will be at the discretion of the Nursery Manager / Owner.