Our approach to language is a phonic approach. The children are constantly exposed to language activities during the time they spend at nursery. Stories, songs and rhymes encourage the development of a broad vocabulary.

When the children indicate to us that they are ready for some slightly more formal language work they are initially introduced to the Sandpaper Letters.

The child is asked to watch to see how we feel the letters as we also say the sound. They are then invited to feel / trace over the letter whilst saying the sound. Therefore, seeing, hearing and receiving the correct muscular impression of the letter shape from the outset of their formal introduction to letters, thus ensuring that good “writing habits” are formed.


The children move towards working with three letter phonic words, four letter words, blends and digraphs, gradually progressing towards reading sentences and phrase strips, before moving onto books. At this stage the nursery offers various reading schemes which enable each child to happily progress at their own pace with enjoyment and satisfaction.

Parents should note: Children will be introduced to books only when the experienced staff at this school feel they are “ready to read” and when the experience will be positive for the child. No child at this nursery is pushed into unsuitable activities, but all are given the opportunity to progress and move forward at a pace which suits the individual child.