The Old School House Montessori Nursery Tenterden

A warm welcome

Welcome to the Old School House Montessori Nursery, located on a large site on the outskirts of St. Michael’s, Tenterden and housed in a beautiful oak framed purpose built nursery building, which provides up to five exceptionally spacious rooms and extensive outdoor areas.

We are home to the ‘Puddle Duck Day Care – Our Infant Community –  for children from 3 months of age and our ‘Duckling, Chick and Gosling Groups for children aged from 2 years up.

Our way of teaching

The nursery follows the Montessori Method of education for young children, as well as incorporating, respecting and using ideas from other important theorists. Whilst the children are split into groups by age for the purpose of organisation, they all mix and spend time with each other to encourage caring and nurturing amongst the different ages. 

Our purpose is to support each child and enable them to fulfil their true potential. The Montessori environment is stimulating and challenging and allows each child to develop naturally at their own pace. 

The whole environment is “prepared” for the child, with everything within their reach ready for exploration. 

Each room provides a “family within a nursery” and has regular staff who provide continuity and security for the children attending. 

What the Parents Say