SensorialThe Montessori Sensorial Exercises introduce the children to building, sorting and sequencing using the specialised Montessori Didactic Materials therefore preparing them for later maths, language and scientific exploration.

Through the concrete experience of feeling, sorting and building with the different shaped, sized and graded materials the children gain an understanding of abstract concepts such as size, length and texture. The exercises are used to broaden the children’s vocabulary by introducing the correct vocabulary used to describe size, shape, weight, length and height and difference in texture. The Sensorial activities also allow us to introduce a “three period lesson” which is a method we use to constantly assess the children’s progress and monitor which information is being retained.

We will explain this more fully when you visit us at nursery. The children are introduced to these activities on a one to one basis with a directress, they are then invited to take their turn and having established the basic use of the materials may then explore them and expand the activities, restricted only by their imagination.