Language Materials

‘To talk is in the nature of man’ (Montessori)

Our approach to language is a phonetic approach – The children are constently exposed to language even from a very young age through stories, songs, rhymes, chatting about weekends etc. From the very first day at this setting, all our children will be immersed in a language rich environment.  We will chat with them, sing with them, read with them, sharing familiar stories and rhymes.


When the children are ready we will start to formally introduce them to the sand paper letters – we do this using the same three period lesson format. The sand paper letters allow the children to feel/ trace over the letter whilst saying the sound. This allows them to see, hear and feel the muscular impression of the letter shape from the outset of their formal introduction to letters- beginning to develop good writing skills.

We have an extensive Language programme which we can talk through when the children are older if they are developmentally ready. The children move towards working with three letter phonic words, four letter words, blends and digraphs, gradually progressing towards reading sentences and phrase strips, before moving onto books. At this stage the nursery offers various reading schemes which enable each child to happily progress at their own pace with enjoyment and satisfaction.


Parents should note: Children will be introduced to books only when the experienced staff at this school feel they are “ready to read” and when the experience will be positive for the child. No child at this nursery is pushed into unsuitable activities, but all are given the opportunity to progress and move forward at a pace which suits the individual child.