The Mathematics materials again place an emphasis on enabling the child to gain an understanding of each concept by receiving a concrete impression of it.

The children are first introduced to mathematics through songs, rhymes, talk, ie ‘5 little speckled frogs’ and  how many jackets are there left for children to go outside?

We formally use the sand paper numbers to introduce the number symbols to the children alongside lots of activities to develop the children’s one to one correspondence and counting, developing the children’s understanding that numbers have a meaning. These enable the child to receive the correct muscular impression of the correct shape and encourage the children to practise writing them whilst they are feeling the shape. The children are encouraged towards a complete understanding of numbers and their meaning, gaining a good one to one correspondence, really understanding numbers and quantities, rather than just counting by rote.

We enjoy lots of activities with incorporate Math in our daily routines – counting the children in the morning or baking and measuring the ingredients, using the jackets to monitor outside spaces etc . Once the children are confidently recognising the numbers and demonstrating good one to one correspondence we will begin to introduce further mathematical concepts such as addition and subtraction.